About Us

 Anita's Christmas Tree Lodge is celebrating its sixth season of providing Christmas trees for the holiday season. This successful venture began in 2006 by two friends, Denny and Brian. Brian grew the trees on his Meadville farm and Denny sold them at the Lodge in Jamestown, PA. Sadly, Denny passed away in May of 2010 from complications from his 2006 lung transplant.

Knowing they’d have Denny’s full blessing, Anita's Christmas Tree Lodge continues to provide this area with fresh, beautiful and magical Christmas trees at the same 709 Depot Street, Jamestown, PA, location, and a new second location at 2710 Ivanhoe Street, Sharpsville, PA.

Anita’s Christmas Tree Lodge opens the day after Thanksgiving. Brian works Thanksgiving Day delivering his “just-cut” trees—cut that week—not cut, wrapped and stored weeks earlier. This year Brian will continue his “fresh-cut and deliver” schedule each week until Christmas. Customers can be sure they are getting the freshest trees for their decorating pleasure!

Once again, 5 percent of Anita’s Christmas Tree Lodge’s earnings will be donated in Denny’s name to the Family House in Pittsburgh Pa. The Family House provides patients and their families with comfortable, affordable surroundings while they undergo specialized treatment at Pittsburgh area hospitals.